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How good is your RNG?

Missed the initial release but still want a secret sticker from the past? Try your luck with the Mystery Secret sticker pool!

Receive a RANDOM sticker from this list! If you order multiple mystery stickers in one cart, you will NOT receive any duplicates while supplies last!

NOTE: If certain secrets are sold out in the stock, you can receive duplicates.

Secrets available (all regular size):

  • Secret Kanao Tsuyuri
  • Secret Shinobu Kocho
  • Secret Mitsuri Kanroji (2B Crossover)
  • Secret Rei Ayanami
  • Secret Asuka Langley
  • Secret Schoolgirl Nezuko
  • Secret Tamaki Kotatsu
  • Secret Maki Oze
  • Secret Nessa
  • Secret Sonia

Added June 2020

  • Secret Bunny Girl Satomi V2
  • Secret Titty Tifa
  • Secret Date Night Tifa
  • Secret Jessie
  • Secret Bunny Girl Jessie
  • Secret Aerith
  • Secret Birthday Satomi
  • Secret Mofuko

Added July 2020

  • Secret Lucifer
  • Secret Apron Lucifer
  • Secret Modeus
  • Secret Judgement
  • Secret Cerberus

Added October 2020

  • Secret Mega Milk Uzaki
  • Secret Swimsuit Uzaki
  • Secret Boba Challenge Uzaki
  • Secret Switch Satomi (regular / AC / Splatoon)
  • Secret Flor x 2B
  • Secret Flor x A2
  • Secret Satomi x 2B (leotard and regular)

Added January 2021

  • Secret Ecchi Leche Flor
  • Secret Holiday Lingerie Flor
  • Secret Sweater Satomi
  • Secret Holiday Satomi

Added May 2021 (also added Mini size)

  • Secret Maid Best Girl
  • Secret Maid Flor
  • Secret Combat Maid Flor
  • Secret Valentine Oni Flor
  • Secret Succubus Flor
  • Secret OL Satomi
  • Secret Flor x Mythra
  • Secret Satomi x Pyra
  • Secret Swimsuit Satomi x Pyra
  • Secret Swimsuit Flor x Mythra
  • Secret Booba Tea Satomi
  • Secret QT Flor
  • Secret Sit On Me Satomi
  • Secret Pro Bunny Pyra
  • Secret Radiant Bunny Mythra
  • Secret Sploosh on Me Flor
  • Secret Bunny Sit on Me Flor

Added June 2021 (including Mini size)

  • Secret Eula (+ NSFW version)
  • Secret Swimsuit Eula (+ NSFW version)
  • Secret Nuggies Noelle
  • Secret After Hours Ganyu
  • Secret Flavortown Flor / Zoey (+ NSFW version)
  • Secret Bunny OL Flor / Zoey (+ NSFW version)

Added October 2021 (including Mini size)

  • Secret AN-94, AK-12, ST AR-15, M4A1, M16A1, M4 SOPMOD II
  • Secret Combat Maid Satomi
  • Secret Flor Jack / R-Bunny Flor Jack
  • Secret Satomi x Ayaka / Obi-Wan Satomi Ayaka
  • Secret Beidou / Swimsuit Beidou
  • Secret Sit on me Mona
  • Secret Thirsty Mona