FAQ / Terms

Order Inquiries: support@freshtango.us

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Please confirm your address before placing an order! Sending order replacements are subject to delays at the discretion of the seller.

Refund / Exchange / Lost Order Policy

Refunds for orders are only accepted within 1 week of purchasing.

The seller is NOT responsible and will not provide refunds for any missed holiday/gift deadlines.

Any order that is seized, sent to an incorrect address, or already shipped upon the time of the refund request is not eligible for refund.

Orders that were returned (due to incorrect address), damaged unintentionally, or stolen are eligible for a one-time replacement. Items that cannot be replaced due to availability are eligible for an exchange up to the cost of the item, but are not eligible for refund.

If your order was returned, lost or stuck in transit, it is the buyer's responsibility to inquire about the discrepancy. The seller is not responsible for tracking the order status once an item is shipped.


All T-shirts have the same sizing. Use this chart for reference to help you get the best fit! The chart displays "chest to fit" measurements. (measure length from armpit to armpit to get measurement).

When will I get my order?

Generally expect your order to be shipped 2 to 3 weeks after your order is placed. If the shipping time is longer, send an email to support@freshtango.us with the email subject "order status" to receive updates.

Expect shipping times to vary depending on your location. Orders within the US take roughly 2 to 3 days to reach their destination while international orders a little longer.

Why is my order taking so long to ship? Why are you not Amazon Prime?

FreshTango is a one man operation. In addition, item production is not done in-house. Thus, certain factors like high order turnout, production/shipping delays are inevitable and can lead to a longer fulfillment time. If your order has been unfulfilled for over a month, contact support@freshtango.us for details on the discrepancy. 

Any reasons behind shipping delays are generally expressed on the FreshTango Instagram story and/or feed.

Where is my tracking information?

If you ordered apparel, or Premium Sticker Shipping on a sticker order, your tracking information will automatically be sent to you when your order has been fulfilled.

Where do you ship?

Shipping is available across the world!

I only received part of my order. What happened?

Depending on what type of product ordered, they are shipped separately to prevent from being damaged. Apparel is often shipped separately from stickers. In addition, sublimated shirts are from a different manufacturer and are shipped in its own package.

I have an issue with an order I received (damaged, incorrect, etc.), what do I do?

Contact me at support@freshtango.us with the e-mail subject "order problem" and describe your issue. Make sure to provide your order number.

Can I edit my order?

You have 7 days after purchasing to edit your order by viewing your order confirmation email and clicking "Edit" under "Order actions".

If you cannot edit your order and it has not been unfulfilled, contact support@freshtango.us. Only address changes will be acknowledged.

NOTE: This will cancel and refund your order, so you will need to reorder with your new adjustments. Make sure to do that!

My shirt doesn't have a tag so I don't know how to take care of it. What do I do?

Wash cold, inside out with minimal to no bleaching. Line or tumble dry for optimal color retention.

Do you accept collaborations, promotions, sponsors?

Yes but under our discretion only. There are no specific terms that define these. Send over an email and maybe you'll be approved!


A new payment method to purchase items has been implemented to the store, allowing you to pay in smaller amount installments rather than in full for pricier items.

NOTE: Only items/cart totals more expensive than $19.95 can be purchased using Sezzle.