FreshTango is an online clothing line that focuses on creating streetwear featuring unique and artistic designs. Founded by Khiem Tang, an undergraduate computer scientist, Khiem has utilized his interest in Japan, cars, games, and his passion for art as inspiration to develop appealing and stylistic designs that revolve around these themes. 

Everyone has a passion, a hobby, or a love. For some it might be cooking, for others it might be gaming. Unfortunately, not all hobbies are defined or looked upon in a positive or even neutral light by some. As a result, many people are unable to really express themselves or pronounce their love for something with fears that they would be labeled or thought of differently on a social standpoint.

I disagree with these thoughts; thoughts of limiting one’s self expression to accommodate to a social norm. The philosophy I have created for my brand revolves around the central fact that you should not be afraid of who you are, and should not be afraid to pronounce what you love. The designs I make are a physical embodiment of what I love and what I define as cool, and I hope that my designs evoke similar feelings to others.

The FreshTango motto was inspired by my work in computer science. When you attempt to access an element outside the bounds of an array, you get an OutOfBoundsException. While this will cause an error in a program, going out of bounds in society won't.

Be the exception.

Live life out [of bounds.]