BUNNY GIRL SATOMI V2 Sticker/Keychain

  • $8.00

NOTE: Make sure you select the correct variant! This product is NOT a sticker and keychain combo in one!
Bunny Girl Satomi (newly improved and revamped from the previous 2018 iteration)!
Just in time to celebrate Bunny Day (& Easter haha)!
Available in "regular pose" and "lewd pose" versions! (Left is LEWD, right is normal pose).
  • Regular size die-cut sticker with gloss laminate (roughly 6'' tall).
  • Mini size die-cut sticker with gloss lamiante (roughly 3.8'' tall).
  • Acrylic keychain (roughly 4" tall, includes chain).

Original artwork by FreshTango
PRE-ORDER NOTICE: Will take 3-4 weeks before being shipped.